Studio Session

Ever feel the need to step out of your norm? To the point where you want to do all the weird/creative/non traditional type of stuff?

Something only you as a photographer may only understand?

Well, SAME. I decided that each month I would do a creative shoot for MYSELF. Something I’ve either wanting to try, or to collaborate with other vendors, or just to show up at a spot and think of something right on the spot.

I got to connect with two other photographers, Emily Hanson with Emily Hanson Photography and Emily Grasmick with Always Emily Photography. We came together to shoot in a Studio to practice with Artificial Light. We rented a studio for 2 hours and literally shot every available minute.

We had 3 rad models: Hannah, Morgan, and Nikki. And they made our visions come to light. It was so cool to watch how each photographer works. I love connecting with like minded people, it is something I need to do more of.

Here’s a little insight of what came out of this session.